Our Results.

Panacea3’s history of achieving measurable results sets us apart from other reputation companies and helps us stand confidently behind our services.

While we use various automated digital tools to collect data, we still believe in analyzing sentiment the old-fashioned way: one-by-one, with humans. While there have been incredible advancements in recent years in sentiment and conversational analysis, our account managers become intimately familiar with our clients’ digital ecosystem through sentiment analysis, and allow our team to have a deeper understanding of our clients’ needs. 

All our data below is derived from human sentiment analysis of Google search results. We base our web search analysis on the first 10 entries (paid ads excluded), images on the first 25 and video on the first 10 results. We estimate a standard margin of error of roughly 5% across all of our data.


Client: Senior Executive
Sector: Finance
Issue: Negative Media Campaign
Areas Affected: Video Search

A Senior Officer at financial firm found themselves at the center of a negative online media campaign to slander one of the firm’s major assets. At the time that they approached Panacea3, their video search was over 80% negative. Up until that point, the individual had not participated in any form of social media or personal branding online.

P3 quickly stepped in and created a robust personal web platform that leveraged numerous speaking opportunities that our client had recorded on video to overwhelmingly change the tides in favor of our client.

A dramatic shift from 80% negative video results to 95% owned content was achieved in a matter of months and is holding steady for our client still today.


Client: Senior Executive
Sector: Agriculture, Heavy Industry
Issue: Defaming Impersonation, Slander
Areas Affected: Web, Image and Video Search

Panacea3 was approached to help remedy a rampant case of malicious impersonation online. A senior executive had come under attack by an unknown party that had created a slanderous website impersonating our client.

When P3 began collecting data, our client only controlled 12% of their total search results. Through the creation of a personal web platform, including numerous social networks, and the dissemination of hundreds of pieces of relevant content, we decreased negative content by 10% and increased owned content by 40%. 

Most these results were achieved within 4 months of our contract initiation, and the results continue to hold strong years later despite the unknown party’s continued efforts. Currently, the imposter website is buried beneath a wealth of relevant, positive content regarding our client.


Client: Family Business
Issue: Personal Attacks on Family
related to Business operations

Areas Affected: Image Search

A family with diverse business interests became the target of personal attacks from an unknown entity resulting in many negative and slanderous images appearing in search results. 

Panacea3 put together a comprehensive content population strategy that leveraged multiple websites and image hosting services to severely mitigate the negative results while also favorably positioning the family online like never before. Currently our client’s image results are 76% owned with only 4% negative results.