Case Study 2

Senior Executive
Sector: Agriculture, Heavy Industry
Issue: Defaming Impersonation, Slander
Areas Affected: Web, Image and Video Search

For this Case Study, Panacea3 was approached to help remedy a rampant case of malicious impersonation online. A senior executive had come under attack by an unknown party that had created a slanderous website impersonating our client.
When P3 began collecting data, our client only controlled 12% of their total search results. Through the creation of a personal web platform, including numerous social networks, and the dissemination of hundreds of pieces of relevant content, we decreased negative content by 10% and increased owned content by 40%. 

Starting Sentiment

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Current Sentiment

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Historical Total

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Most of these results were achieved within 4 months of our contract initiation, and the results continue to hold strong years later despite the unknown party’s continued efforts. Currently, the imposter website is buried beneath a wealth of relevant, positive content regarding our client.

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