Case Study 1

Senior Executive
Sector: Finance
Issue: Negative Media Campaign
Areas Affected: Video Search

This Case Study focuses on a Senior Officer at a financial firm that found themselves at the center of a negative online media campaign. The campaign’s goal was to slander one of the firm’s major assets. At the time that they approached Panacea3, their video search was over 80% negative. Up until that point, the individual had not participated in any form of social media or personal branding online.

Starting Sentiment

Current Sentiment

Historical Total

P3 quickly stepped in and created a robust personal web platform that leveraged numerous speaking opportunities that our client had recorded on video to overwhelmingly change the tides in favor of our client.

A dramatic shift from 80% negative video results to 95% owned content was achieved in a matter of months and is holding steady for our client still today.

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