In our long history of Digital Reputation Management expertise, we’ve achieved some amazing results for our clients. No two clients are the same whether it be their areas of operation, language, industry, or specific DRM solution.

The provided case studies illustrate the diversity in which we operate and demonstrate our ability to execute and deliver favorable outcomes for our clients. All of our key performance indicators are externally verifiable, transparent, and validate our constantly evolving methods.

Due to the sensitive nature of our work, our case studies are scrubbed of any identifying client information. 

Case Study 1

Client: Senior Executive
Sector: Finance
Issue: Negative Media Campaign
Areas Affected: Video Search

Case Study 2

Client: Senior Executive
Sector: Agriculture, Heavy Industry
Issue: Defaming Impersonation, Slander
Areas Affected: Web, Image and Video Search

Case Study 3

Client: Family Business
Issue: Personal Attacks on Family
related to Business operations
Areas Affected: Image Search

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