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For businesses looking to grow or protect their reputations, the digital realm is the first step. However, keeping up with the constantly changing web can be overwhelming. Through consultancy and tactical execution, Panacea3’s Digital Reputation Management services help companies take control of their online sentiment, manage customer relationships, generate leads, and drive qualified traffic.


Slander Shield

Customer reviews can be unfairly critical, and the algorithms used by websites sometimes prioritize these negative reviews. With Panacea3’s Slander Shield, our specially trained social media experts help businesses share their side of the story, providing a more equitable landscape on review websites, forums, and social networks.

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Event Marketing

While trade shows are a great way to market a company’s message, it often doesn’t reach beyond the booth’s attendees. Panacea3’s Event Marketing solution helps businesses broadcast a message through online industry channels, connect with VIPs, and generate qualified leads. Our media teams produce “real-time” media that looks great and hits the web as the event is occurring, weeks before the competition, and our post-event follow-up services work to increase ROI.

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Digital Reputation Audits

Securing a space in the digital world is only half the battle for businesses. Our experts provide ongoing Digital Reputation Audits to help entities assess their sentiment in search results, social networks, blogs and forums, as well as locate unsecured URLs or domain squatting.

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Search Engine Optimization

For any entity looking to be discovered online, consistent Search Engine Optimization is crucial. We provide basic SEO support by locating areas in need of improvement in website meta data, link infrastructure, and content. Streamlining these areas allows search results to complement the latest initiatives of a business’s website and remain consistent throughout its entire web platform.

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Digital Reputation Management Setup

Knowing where audiences are coming from, where they are going, and what they are saying benefits any business’s online marketing strategy. Our Digital Reputation Management Setup experts help companies set up web traffic and discussion analysis tools, while managing privacy and other notification settings consistently across their digital platforms.

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Comprehensive Keyword and Competitor Analysis

On or offline, knowing how a company stacks-up to its competitors is of tremendous importance to business plans and marketing strategies. Using our real-time search and analysis tools, we provide a Comprehensive Keyword and Competitor Analysis that gives companies insight into the successes and failures of their competitors’ online strategies. Whether taking advantage of the negative discussions surrounding competitors’ reputations, or competing for advertising space, Panacea3 provides entities with the latest data to better understand and execute effective campaigns.

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Customer Relationship Management Database

A Customer Relationship Management Database is a powerful and effective tool for growing businesses. Our services help entities merge existing contacts and new target audiences into one database to more easily track their engagement across the online ecosystem.

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Content Curation and Social Websites Management

Engaging in social websites is essential in today’s marketplace. However, knowing which websites are relevant and how to take advantage of them can be a grueling task. With Panacea3’s Content Curation and Social Websites Management, our specially trained experts help businesses gain a foothold in the social sphere by locating and registering related social websites, subscribing to key audiences and content, publishing or updating profile information, and setting-up custom URLs.

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Custom Content Strategy

For many businesses, it’s difficult to know what to share or how to interact with audiences in the informal sphere of social media. A Custom Content Strategy from our social media experts helps entities develop sharing protocols and formulate a schedule for distributing related content to target audiences.

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Content Population and Updates

Social networking websites have become the main venue for businesses to share news and build relationships through Content Population and Updates. Our social media experts help entities engage audiences in the social sphere by posting and sharing related media, news, and events.

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Digital Recon and Intel

Through Digital Recon and Intel, we utilize public data and advanced search tools to dig deep into a range of topics from executive profiles to analysis of industry trends. Whether looking to uncover new leads, investigate domain real estate, or catch-up on the latest industry headlines, we provide businesses and executives with in-depth assessments to give them the upper-hand in reports or important meetings.

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Web Development

Without a comprehensive digital strategy, a traditional website is isolated and cannot reach its full potential. Through social integration, our Website Development service turns websites into a conduit for data collection, consumer insights, SEO, analytics, e-commerce, and centralized community interactions.

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Email Marketing Campaigns

Email Marketing Campaigns are an essential and economical way to keep audiences engaged. Our service helps companies update their targeted CRM database members on news and events. We track the results through analysis tools that help entities learn the effectiveness of their campaigns.

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Securities and Administration Manual

Businesses seem to be forever accruing website logins. We help greatly reduce the risk of a security breach by streamlining secure online logins into one Securities and Administration Manual, a step-by-step guide to help companies keep their passwords updated and secure, all in one place.

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Web Platform Reporting and Interpretations

Collecting and interpreting data on a business’s digital performance is a sizable endeavor, yet it’s fundamental for keeping pace with audiences and industry trends. We provide the legwork through Web Platform Reporting and Interpretations on the state of businesses’ web traffic, target audience locations, media consumption trends, and social networking impressions.

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Media Development

Social media is just that: Media. Online video is rapidly replacing the traditional broadcast mediums. Text-based digital content no longer satisfies the fast-paced world of online consumers. Our Media Development brings any company’s digital presence to life in a focused and engaging way. We capture, produce, and broadcast media virtually in real time, as opposed to traditional media approaches that entail long turnarounds and high costs.

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VIP Communications

In every CRM database, there are those individuals or businesses that provide companies with unparalleled support. We help companies take full advantage of their CRM database by researching these key influencers, finding their related interests, and personalizing their experience by sparking one-on-one discussions through VIP Communications.

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